About Me

I am a performance poet and artist. I consider myself an activist in the promotion of inclusive theatre practices. I promote self expression and creativity in everyone and by working inclusively I aim to show that the arts belong to us all. I strive to raise expectations of the capabilities of disabled people and those marginalised by society.

I celebrate a culture of inclusion within my work and believe that through the arts everyone can have a voice to recount their stories and experiences in this world. I hope others see me as a role model whereby my positive actions and character help to create a more inclusive culture in the future.

I am Dave the shouting mute and I am called that because I’m so quiet but I can’t shut up.


“Partnering with Earth, created by performance poet and artist Dave, The Shouting Mute is a brief but ruminative piece staged in a courtyard by the estate’s thatched-roof buildings. It invites us to consider our personal relationship with the planet, almost akin to a family therapy session encouraging us to give more and take less.” – The Guardian