Poems from the Writing Workshop

We had a really great writing workshop last week, and the poems were so good that we asked the writers if we could share them.

The theme was food and this is what a couple of our writers came up with…

Okay so it’s a Saturday and I’m feeling like picking me up a weekend treat so I pop into my local McDonald’s and order a quarter pounder with cheese meal. A few minutes later it arrives at my table and I go to take a bite out of the burger and instantly feel deep regret and the urge to want to reverse time and tell my younger less experienced with knowledge self about what’s going to happen. Oh boy oh boy how much I hate pickles! They are revolting and make me want ro be sick whenever I see someone munching down on a pickle. It makes no sense to me to put a pickle in a burger. It just does not go together. When will they learn! It needs to go. It must. 

By Josh Ward

Marmite, is it made of mites?

This might sound like a stupid and bizarre question, but I don’t think it is.

The reason I ask this is because it tastes so strong. So potent. So vile. 

An awful aftertaste that lingers in my mouth hours later. 

How can people love it, JUST HOW???!!!

As a child, the thought of tasting Marmite just gave me a fright.

The only way to avoid the terrible taste of it was to put up a fight. 

A fight against my whole mouth being defeated.

Defeated and overpowered by that tedious tang. 

It’s now in chocolate.


Just how can such a delicious food be ruined by this terrible tripe?

It’s also in peanut butter too.

Great, another favourite food of mine ruined!

Maybe it’s just me?

Maybe there was something wrong with my tastebuds as a child?

Maybe they’ve now changed? Matured? 

I decide to find out once and for all to see if that this is the case. 

I get out a spoon. I get out a jar of Marmite. 

I open the jar of Marmite.

I dunk the spoon into it and scoop a fair portion into my mouth. 

YUCK! I put the spoon down into the sink. I spit it out. 

It’s definitively not me, it’s Marmite. 

By Parisa Tavassolian

If you’re keen to get involved in one of The Shouting Mute Online Writing Workshops, or if you have any writing you would like us to share on your behalf email dave@theshoutingmute.com

The Shouting Mute leading a creative writing workshop at 1Voice

Hello all. Happy Monday! There are still two places left in the online writing workshop this Wednesday at 6pm, and we’ve dropped the price to £3 payable via PayPal. If you want some food themed writing fun, with tips and tasks, grab your spot today!

We’ll be writing poems and you’ll get feedback on your writing from me, The Shouting Mute, and my creative enabler Kerry, who is also a writer. It will be fantastic to get together for some creative fun as a group, and you can munch on your favourite snack while we write, and tell us all about it if you like. Email dave@theshoutingmute.com to grab your spot.

Breaking News…

Breaking news… thankfully not about the Corona Virus, Trump or Brexit. Is that rubbish still really going on?

I have some good news for you – I’m offering a new online writing workshop and this one is on writing about food. Who doesn’t love food?

These workshops have been so popular that the time has come to ask for a little contribution towards it – for £7 you will get to come together with other likeminded people on a zoom video call with me, hear me read aloud one of my poems, write your own poem about your favourite or most hated food on earth, get feedback from me and my PA who is a published writer herself, chat with the group, and you can ask any questions that you would like to ask at the end.

We’re going to hold this workshop in the evening this time to open it up to people who couldn’t make it during the day so it will be at 6pm on Wednesday 30th September and there are 5 spots available – disabled and non-disabled people, writers and non-writers, are all welcome.

These workshops usually end up being a fun conversation around writing, creativity, and how to express yourself through poetry.

To book your spot or if you have any questions, email dave@theshoutingmute.com

An Amazing Experience I Recommend…

Hello again friends!

So I found the drive in cinema, and it is fantastic. I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show – another fantastic musical. Let’s do the time warp again! It was such a good experience. The sound was through a speaker that you get driving in. You can bring or buy your own snacks. And it was an excellent experience. You should definitely try it if you can.

I went in the rain, which was annoying and the car was steaming up, but other than that it was still excellent. People were getting out of their cars and dancing socially distanced in their bubbles. I loved it.

If you don’t already know, the Rocky Horror Picture Show has this very special culture to it that no other musical has. People dress up and everything is extraordinary and sexy. Go see it if you get the chance, and you’ll see what I mean. But it was even more amazing at the drive in cinema.

Have you ever been to a drive in cinema, or experienced the Rocky Horror Picture Show? What did you think?


My Top 5 Musicals of All Time

Musicals – why do we like them?

We don’t sing in every day life so why do we like them, and why do we refuse to admit we like musicals until we’re pushed to confess we actually love them?

I thought I would share my top 5 musicals ever, and why I love them. I’ve set some rules around how I’m judging them too –

  1. They have to have been on the stage AND screen for me to consider it a proper musical. Sadly this cuts out The Greatest Showman. I know it’s a fantastic musical but it came from Hollywood and I don’t like Hollywood very much, because they’re old fashioned and don’t employ disabled people other than a person of short stature, who are also usually white men. I love Peter Dinklage and Sam Humphrey but there are more diverse people that could be just as good as them if not better that aren’t always white men. I know I’m a white male saying that but I don’t think white men can be seen as diverse casting just because of a wheelchair or shorter than the average person.
  2. The screen version has to be a proper movie and not just a filming of the live theatre show. That’s Hamilton out, and it’s the best stage musical ever. I haven’t been to see it on stage but I want to. I know it’s available as a film of the stage production, but that’s not a proper film in my opinion. It’s fantastic and everyone should watch it, but it is not a proper film. It’s a live stream recording, but it is amazing. I think everyone should watch it because it’s full of incredible poetry and I love it.

Those are my rules. You can disagree with them. It’s up to you. If you don’t like my rules you don’t have to read on but it would be a waste of time not to keep reading because you’ve got this far and I only said about three things, and only two about the subject that I’m actually talking about. Here goes then, my top 5 musicals of all time –

  • In at NUMBER 5 is Rent. It’s a magnificent musical by Jonathan Larson and it tackles issues of homelessness, friendship, and general life. It was wonderful on stage and screen, heartbreaking at points and so magical at others. It gets quite sexy but also stunningly beautiful. It’s a bit of a marathon, but worth the time because it’s so entertaining and joyful.
  • In at NUMBER 4 is Avenue Q. It’s fantastically funny, emotional, and extraordinary. It’s a musical by Jeff Whitty with puppets, but it’s not for children!! The musical is done with such cheese, but top standard cheese like melted brie. It’s more than hilarious. It’s about finding yourself and finding out that helping others feels good for everyone. I love the morals in it. It was created about 10 to 15 years ago, but it makes comments on every aspect of life and it is stunningly funny.
  • In at NUMBER 3 is Aladdin. Disney are the masters of making musicals and this musical, in all its forms, is fantastic. It’s a story of entrapment and changing the culture that we live in, which is so uplifting. It’s romantic but it’s amazing and it has some of the best songs ever made by Disney. ‘Friend Like Me’ and ‘Whole New World’ are up there with the best songs in the history of musical theatre and film.
  • In at NUMBER 2 is Tommy by the Who. the horrific concept album makes a psychedelic musical. Hard hitting and bruising, this is musical about rebellion and depression. It’s a rock opera of a boy growing up, deaf, dumb, and blind, who was abused, and his journey into adulthood. This incredible story of Tommy is amazing.
  • In at NUMBER 1 is The Lion King. This stunning musical by Tim Rice and Elton John needs no explanation. It’s wonderful, funny, and entertaining. Admittedly the story is obviously based on Hamlet by Shakespeare. Some people might disagree with that, but the pink pink lion time is definitely Hamlet. I can’t believe kids watch it because it’s brutal in parts. The songs are amazing, I love them. They’re so powerful and emotional. It’s my favourite musical of all time, on stage and screen.
What’s your favourite musical?