Poetry Installations

Inside Out Festival Installations

The Shouting Mute has been commissioned a second time, to create a poetic art installation experience for Inside Out Dorset Festival 2020/21 as a creative response to the landscape and community in which the installation will be set, answering the question ‘People and the environment, what happens?’ This work is currently being discussed with Activate and Inside Out Dorset leads, before going on to the very exciting development phase in preparation for the festival in 2020/21.

He was originally commissioned to create a poetry/art/sound installation and performance piece for Inside Out Dorset Festival 2018 in Shelley Park. Preparation began in the months leading up to the festival, with public workshops, and poetic responses. This culminated in  ‘Prose In The Park’, which The Shouting Mute brought to life with a team of talented creatives for Inside Out Dorset Festival during the summer of 2018.

He began by inviting the public to attend interactive workshops held in the Shelley Park cafe during the days of August 13th/14th – to collect and collate local resident responses and opinions on Shelley Park. He then brought together a creative team to bring his vision to life.

It became a poetic woodland walk, where the audience were invited to journey along a path littered with poetry, on the ground, and hung from the trees. Their travels were interrupted by performers moving through the crowd, and accompanied by an ethereal soundscape, interwoven with voice recordings. There was also a seating area where adults and children were welcome to join some of the team writing their own poetry and responses to the park.

Inside Out Flyer